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Hello. Welcome to my page.

I don't really have much to say right now. I been gone from deviantART for quite some time due to depression, but I'm slowly coming out of it, thanks to my sweetie who is supporting me. It's been so long since I really drawn anything, so forgive my time away from here.

You can also find me on SoundCloud as Carnivore2Die4. I mostly make electronic music, but not always.

IQ Test for Free
IQ Test for Free

Tagged by :iconaxe-cell:

001. Real Name: Kimberly. That's all you get. Oh, and don't call me that. I prefer if you didn't call me by my real name here. But if you have to, just call me Kim.

002. Nickname(s): Don't really have any. :shrug:

003. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn/Year of the Pig

004. Male or Female: Female.

005. Nursery: Parents didn't have the money for that.

006. Primary School: Yep, and finished.

007. Secondary School: One year left until I graduate high school.

008. Hair Colour: Very dark Brown. (Basically black)

009. Long or Short:  Mid back. I'm planning to cut it short. Maybe.

010. Loud or Quiet: Quiet, mostly. But I can be loud sometimes. (Mostly random)

011. Sweats or Jeans:  Jeans. I feel more comfortable in jeans.

012. Phone or Camera: Phone. Don't tell my parents that I broke my camera.

013. Health Freak: Sorta. I'm concerned about what I eat, but I don't really take the time to exercise.

014. Drink or Smoke: Neither, and that's a good thing.

015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: I wouldn't say it's a crush anymore. It is love!

016. Political orientation: Please don't. 

017. Piercings: My ears. I don't wear earrings now though.

018. Tattoos: Nope.


019. Airplane: Yes.

020. Car Accident: Nope, and I hope to keep it that way.

021. Fist Fight: Does a fight in a video game count?


022. First piercing: My ears.

023. First Best Friend: Her name was Rebecka. I since then moved away, many many times.

024. First Instrument played: Recorder in Elementary school. My teacher said I was very good with it.

025. First award: The earliest one I can remember is back in third grade, I got a blue ribbon on my Rodeo artwork. I don't know why. Even the me back then thought it was horrible. (Never ask me to paint anything. I just can't.)

026. First Crush: Hmm...the first person who I really had a crush on was a boy in middle school. I don't really remember his name anymore. It's been too long and I moved away from that school since.

027. First Language: Engrish

028. First Big Vacation: Seoul, South Korea


029. Last Person you talked to:  My sister.

030 Last Person You Texted: My love.

031. Last Person You Watched: Umm...I don't remember. It's been a whole day.

032. Last Food You Ate: Cereal

032. Last Movie You Watched: Interview with the Vampire.

034. Last Song You listened to: Ortho's Theme from Kameo: Elements of Power video game. I just love listening to Soundtrack music. 

035. Last Thing You Bought: A birthday card for my boyfriend.

036. Last Person You Hugged: My boyfriend. But, the last thing I hugged was my stuffed animal. (Don't judge me)


037. Food: This is a tough question. So many good foods. My favorite restaurant right now is a Brazilian steakhouse. I love spicy foods, but I also love sweets. I can't pick!

038. Drinks: Cherry Coke.

039. Clothing: I like wearing clothing that covers my whole body. Long sleeve shirts and jeans. I like to wear clothing that doesn't take much effort to put together, but still look decent. I prefer cute clothes. Pastel colors and such.

040. Book: Oh geez... I'm not much of a reader. I like fantasy and adventure books though, but not always. Sometimes a good horror or mystery is what I want.

041. Colour: Purple, Black, Blue, pastel colors

042. Flower: White Roses, but I pretty much love all flowers. Maybe except that big giant stinky flower.

043: Music: Woah! Another hard question. I can pretty much like any genre, but right now I'm listening to Indie and Soundtrack music. But, some genres I will mention are Trance and K-Pop.

044. Movie: I don't really watch movies that I don't really have a favorite...

046. Subjects: Choir. And Biology, although I don't take that class anymore. I'm going to be taking AP Music Theory next year, so I'm excited to that. 


047. [] Kissed in the rain (But, the first time me and my boyfriend ever held hands was in the rain)

048. [] Celebrated Halloween. 

049. [x] Had Your Heart Broken 

050. [] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone (Ha! Unlimited minutes!)

051. [] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation

052. [] Weapons

053. [] Breath fire (What kind of question is this?)

054. [] Had an Abortion. (Just, no)

055. [x] Done something you've Regretted

056. [] Broke a Promise 

057. [x] Kept a Secret 

058. [x] Pretended To Be Happy

059. [x] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life. (Yes!)

060. [] Pretended To Be Sick 

061. [x] Left The Country. (It was last summer, but I went to Germany)

062. [x] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.

063. [x] Cried Over The Silliest Thing. (I cry way too easily)

064. [] Ran a Mile (I'm too lazy...)

065. [] Went To the Beach 

066. [] Stayed Single (Ha ha, you're funny. I failed on this one.)


067. Eating: Nothing

068. Drinking: Water

069. Getting Ready To: Leave for my grandma's

070. Listening To: Cars outside my window. Why do I have so many windows in my room?

071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Leaving for Grandma's. Although, I'm making it a goal to eat at this Greek restaurant when we get there. We barely have any Greek restaurants here.

072. Waiting For: The moment I get enough motivation to start drawing again.


073. Want Kids: Not anytime soon. I didn't want any earlier, but then my boyfriend says he want four kids... I don't think I can physically give birth to four kids. Sweetie, stop making your expectations so high!

074. Want To Get Married: If it's with the person I'm with now, oh yeah!

075. Careers in mind: I'm thinking a Choir Director right now, but I'm very uncertain.


076. Lips or Eyes: The eyes. They tell stories.

077. Shorter or Taller: I don't really care, but I would prefer them to be taller than me. I got my wish. (I'm 5'4, he's 5'10)

078. Romantic or Spontaneous: Romantic. Slow and steady wins the race.

079. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms:  I don't really care for either, but I guess arms?

080. Sensitive or Loud: In between

081. Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship. I know from personal experience that I'd rather have a real relationship.

082. Troublemaker or Hesitant: I rather have someone who is more hesitant than a troublemaker. Again, personal experience. At first, my boyfriend was so shy. It was adorable! ^^


083. Lost Glasses/Contacts: Yes. And I hate it when I do.

084. Ran Away From Home: Not yet.

085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: Nope. Well, maybe in a video game.

086. Killed Somebody:  Noooooo

087. Broken Someone's Heart: My boyfriend and I sometimes get into an argument and we say stuff that we regret later... 

088. Been Arrested:  No. I'm a good person.


090. Yourself: No. But, I'm getting better about myself.

091. Miracles: I want to believe they are real.

092. Love at First Sight: No. This isn't a fairy tale.

093. Heaven: I wonder if it really exists, but I would have to go with no.

094. Santa Claus: No.

096. Magic: No.


097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: I've got him. Prefer for him to be literally next to me right now though, if that's what you mean.

098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: Hmm... I still go through my moments of depression and such, but things have been much worse.

099. Are You Happy With The Person You're With: YES!

100. Post as 100 Truths and Tag five People: Nope! You can do this if you want. I'm too lazy to go find and hunt down five people. Guess I didn't answer truthfully. O_O
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: The air
  • Drinking: Water

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